<aside> πŸ’‘ **Every game on STOVE Store is registered through STOVE Studio, and using STOVE Studio requires STOVE account.

This section explains how you can access to STOVE Studio, and how to create account on STOVE.**


1. Where is STOVE Studio?

You can access STOVE Studio by the following link: https://studio.onstove.com

Or, you can access by clicking the Studio button on the top right hand corner in STOVE Store. (See the red box below)


2. How can I register to STOVE?

(If you already have STOVE account, you can pass this stage, and go to 3. Login to STOVE)

You can sign-up to STOVE through following link: https://accounts.onstove.com/signup

Note: We highly advise you to Join with Email (see below)


3. Login to STOVE

You can login to STOVE through following link: https://accounts.onstove.com/auth/login


4. Joining Studio

4.1. Go back to STOVE Studio, click Starting Studio.


4.2 Click Sign up for Pre-Launch